We are lost minute studio

We tell stories about people and architecture.

 Architectural Visualization Studio  
 We are based in Basel. We do animation, archviz images, character design, VR, AR and AI experiments.
If you have an interesting project we'll be up for the task. Find out more about us
Architectural Visualization 
We use images in a poetic way to represent architecture, trying to extract the untold feelings of projects. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Moritz Agne_ House Study 2018
Moritz Agne_ House Study 2018
Meier Leder Architekten_  Swiss embassy Ethiopia 2018 - reworked 2024
Kolabor Architekten  _New Eyfeld primary school, Ittigen BE - competition 2023 - 3rd prize - reworked 2024
Kolabor Architekten_  New Eyfeld primary school, Ittigen BE - competition 2023 - 3rd prize - reworked 2024​​​​​​​
lostminutestudio_ House in Pelion Mountain - Study 2024
Short Films - Animation
We create animated movies, to present projects as part of a bigger story that includes feelings, motion and atmospheres
lostminutestudio_ V Building - Study 2024
lostminutestudio_ Gallery Room AI Experiment - 2024
lostminutestudio_ Open House with roof - Study 2024
lostminutestudio_ The shelfie - Short Film 2024
lostminutestudio_ Noseman - Short Film 2019
lostminutestudio_ House with a Mirror - Short Film 2019

VR Presentations​​​​​​​
 Using VR tools we approach each  project with an understanding of its architectural ideas ,concepts and intentions.
Physical Model Aesthetics
We often use abstraction to move away from the straight forward photorealistic aesthetics.
Meier Leder Architekten_  Rütene Windisch Residential Development - competition 2021 - 1st Prize
Meier Leder Architekten_  Bethlehermacker School - Bern 2016
Way of work
In our daily work we try to blend the boundaries of the digital and the physical worlds, using drawing, sketching, VR , AR and motion capture techniques, as part of the creative process.
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